Brands Hatch 1000 km support - BTCC 1988

Harvey leading the Rover of Leech.
The Leech Rover again.
This is Bristow in his Sierra - at work.
Mahoney finished fifth in the Arquiati Sierra.
That's a car rarely photographed - the second Supra, this time raced by Vic Lee.
O'Brien in the Holden - still in its original shape.
Rouse is leading the Eggenberger car of Soper; and kept the lead to the finish.
May's Maserati leading Goode; they would finish in reverse order as 13th and 14th.
Sytner had another class win in the M3.
James Shead in the 16v Golf.
Minshaw had a disappointing weekend in his M3.
Amidst this group we see the Honda Prelude of Wray (second).
The Maserati of May.
Crudgington spun the Corolla.
Goddard buried the Escort in the gravel trap.
Goode didn't have a great weekend.
Nice to see the second Kaliber car, with Edwards - in a fine third place.

Race result

1988 Pictures