Zolder EG Trophy 1987

The race was dominated by the works Sierras: this car finished first...

... and this one second.

But this Italian Sierra could only manage 10th.

The new Toyota Supra did not qualify.

Best BMW was this Linder car.

The Corolla is the car of Alber, Maier and Charouz; the #68 BMW is the Vogelsang car according to the program...
... but that is this car, with number 69.

Hodgetts and Bagnall throwing the Corolla around to ninth at the finish.

Santal, Cremer and Curti in the Luigi Alfa Turbo finished 13th.

Teammates Boucher and "Hex", result unknown.

This Corolla isn't even in my results; it shoud be the Spanish car of Antonio Albacete.

Last but not least: the Belgian-built VL Commodore of Hin and Krab, who finished seventh.

Club Jaguar? But it's a Holden?

Race result

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