Zolder Bergischer Löwe 1987

Lap 1, somewhere in the middle of the pack. We recognize Weiss, Peil (Kadett), Weiler and Hessel on his way to the front - on wets.

Van de Poele had pole, and finished tenth - after a puncture. The Juniors sure made their mark.
Lindberg finished ninth.

Grohs damaged his oil sump and retired.

Schneider came no further than 14th...

... one place ahead of teammate Nodes.

Van Ommen finished a creditable fourth, but this wasn't Mercedes' year.

Klammer finished sixth.
Three other Sierra teammates: Mertes (retired)...

... Reuter (seventh)...

... and Reich, who finished 20th.

Strycek retired his BMW 635.

If a Kadett could score, then in the rain: but Peil came no further than 13th.

Thiim's Alfa Romeo stayed together, he finished eight.

Manthey on the rostrum: third.

Gallina raced his Mercedes once again, and finished 24th.

Another privateer Mercedes: "Ludwig Weber" in 21st spot.

And another one: Weiler, finished 22nd.

The normally immaculate Alpina BMW is a bit battered here: Bovensiepen retired. The car would shine in 1987: but in other hands.

Gröpper retired his Mustang.

Poulsen from Denmark finished 23rd, inmidst three Mercedes.

This (and the next cars) is a car from the Tourenwagen Trophäe, a sort of second division: the right place for a Manta - and Jürgen Fritsche. I know nothing about the outcome of the race.

Günter Schmidt (no, from Berlin unlike the ATS team boss) with his Golf.

Here's Tommy Suchazka with another Golf.

A Toyota for Rainer Dalm.

This fiery Golf was driven by Klaus-R. Löw.

Reinhard Schall in his Toyota Corolla.

Race result

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