Spa 24 hours 1987

The Wolf Sierra would retire. Like the good old Rover of Bovy/Mallien/Bertinchamps.
I guess this is the Volvo of Dumortier; it did not qualify. The Belgian Holden would finish 2oth.
Euromotorsport's Sierra: Feitler/Santal/Rahier, retirement. This Swedish Volvo finished 21st.
Hin, Verschuur and Cohen drove this Holden until it retired. Another car that couldn't qualify.
This Bigazzi BMW would finish second, with Perez Sala, Grouillard and Vogt. This German Mercedes would retire.
A French M3 - it retired. The Belgian Alfa 75 retired too.
This works car, with Laffite, Barilla and Schlesser, did finish - in 12th spot. The #77 Brixia car would finish 11th, the other one retired.
A British TOM's Corolla - it retired too.
The grid - and the start.
One of the first retirements: the RAS Turbo Supra A damaged oil sump meant the end for this BMW M3.
The turbo Alfa Romeos were disappointing the whole season - and Spa was no exception. This one was outgunned soon. What a beauty. Alas, an engine failure and another retirement.
A works Holden for Brock/Chrichton/Parsons - it retired with a broken piston. Would an atmospheric Supra be any more reliable than the turbo car? No - this one retired as well.
The Ludwig/Boutsen/Niedzwiedz supertrio did not reach the finish either. Injection trouble put this M3 out.
Delcourt/Guyeaux/Moore finished 20th. This Alfa Romeo finished 17th...
... and this works car with stars Laffite/Barilla and Schlesser was 12th at the finish. An oldie: this 635 CSi finished 8th.
Moffat and Harvey came 4th in the Holden Commodore. This French M3 finished third.
A bad race for Eggenberger; two retirements. The second Wolf car retired too.
Spa at night - always a treat.
Metge & Co retired from the race. The Rouse-built Sierra in front did finish - sixth.
This - is a car that did not qualify. This one did, but retired.
9th overall for this French Mercedes. The Dutch Mazda at ful speed.
Leyton House sponsored a Corolla full of Japanese girls. It retired.
And here's the winner: van der Poele/Martin/Theys in the CiBiEmme Emme3.

Race result

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