Silverstone TT 1987

The Voulaz/Cipriani Alfa Turbo, prepared by Albatech. Winkelhock and Allam shared this Wolf Sierra.
The Von L÷wis car, a private BMW doing very well in Germany.
This is the Corolla of Kimber-Smith.
The K÷nig/Baron/Werginz BMW M3. Francia and Larini would share this works Alfa Romeo.
And Alfa had another weapon: the Brixia team, sponsored by Beretta guns. Sala/Grouillard would play a big role in the race with their Bigazzi car.
Hahne, Hytten and Tesini raced this Maserati. This Serge Power car, normally driven by Hin in the Netherlands, was hired by Covey and Jeffrey.
The Soper/DieudonnÚ Sierra. Pirro/Ravaglia/Ratzenberger shared this Schnitzer BMW.
Rouse drove his usual WTCC car. Another pic of the Voulaz/Cipriani Alfa Romeo.
Laffite and Barilla... ... and Francia and Larini (not Schlesser...).
Calderari/Mancini in the CiBiEmme BMW. Oberndorfer and Klammer shared this AMG BMW.
Row 1: Soper/DieudonnÚ and Rouse/Tassin. Row 2: Ludwig/Niedzwiedz and Hall/Percy.
Two lfas leading the Harvey Rover with the Supra Turbo behind.
The Belgian Delcourt/Guyaux Holden they shared with Mahoney leading the Corolla of Grassetto and Charouz.
Jones/Curnow ahead of the Holden and the Corolla of Kimber-Smith and Cowell.
Sytner/Duez/Smith sandwiched between two Alfas.
The Prodrive BMW of Sytner/Smith/Duez gets it all wrong. Percy/Hall in the Pete Halls' BTCC car.
Heyer and Joosen raced the RAS Supra turbo, a car which never made its mark in Europe.
Bolderheij and youngster Kalff in the Sierra Cosworth, not yet in RS500 trim.
Rouse and Tassin spalshing through the water.
Oberdorfer/Klammer. Conditions were not quite cold enough for former skier Klammer, but they were slippery.
The Laffitte/Barilla Alfa. Harvey/Sears with the Rover from the British series.
Eggenberger 1: Soper and DieudonnÚ.
Eggenberger 2: Ludwig and Niedzwiedz.
Oops! Hodgetts/Bagnall get it all wrong.
The Albatech Alfa is able to avoid more trouble.
Kimber-Smith/Cowell at speed.
Four Alfa 75 Turbos. Albatech...
... Brixia...
... Brixia...
... and Alfa Corse.
Hahne/Tesini/Hytten managed a rare finish with the Maserati. The Wolf Sierra finished ninth.
This Commodore ended in the kitty litter.
The other Holden soldiered on to 14th overall.
The Schwaben Motorsport M3 retired.
This Alfa 33 finished 21st, fifth in class.
The Czech Corolla of van Esch and Wirth finished right behind Alfa 33 #100.
Third in class were Dowsett and Needell in the front wheel drive Corolla.
This should be Oestreich and Ratzenberger; they retired. Sala/Grouillard lost the race just minutes from the end.
Second: Schnitzer BMW/Yokohama: Pirro, Ravaglia and Ratzenberger.  Jones and Curnow retired.
The winning Calderari/Mancini CiBiEmme BMW/Pirelli. The surprised pair on the podium.

Race result

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