Jarama 1987

Moffat/Harvey, Holden, DNF Winner of division 3 but only 4th overall: Ludwig/Dieudonné.
The Rouse Sierra lapping a Spanish Golf. Capelli/Ratzenberger, second overall.
Sala/Grouillard, third overall. Pirro/Ravaglia, winners.
The interesting Hungarian BMW was entered here too; 9th overall, second in class. The Czech BMW of Vánicek/Tomásek retired.
Ladies Meeuvissen/Stermitz retired too. Laffite/Nannini, another disappointing outing.
Not exactly going like a bullit: Drovandi/Tarquini retired as well. This Toyota retired too.
Another works Alfa: the 33 of Toby/Maggiorelli, a retirement as well. Division 3 winners: Wirth/Filipovic in the Seikel Audi.
A fight between Rouse and Ludwig. The first lap at Nuvolari's curve.
All Jarama pictures supplied by Fernando Doménech.

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