Donington 500 1987

The Jolly Club Sierra of Lombardi/Serratini. But we had a few "old-fashioned" cars here as well. The BMW CiBiEmme 635 (the CiBiEmme B-team) of Bosshard/Micangeli, a surprising third in the race.
Old bricks never die: the Volvo turbo of Simonsen/Simonsen. The Linder M3, eventual race winner, of Vogt/Quester.
Cecotto/Brancatelli had a DNF with this CiBiEmme M3. The Dixi Sport Alfa Romeo 75 turbo of Santal/de Lesseps.
Second overall, the Linder car of Oestreich/Heger. The Mercedes, outclassed now, of Suster/Bychl.
Pictures kindly supplied by Jeremy Jackson.
Another victim of the M3, the 325i of Van den Eeckhout/Van Mol.

Race result

1987 Pictures