Dijon 500 km de Bourgogne 1987

Hahne and Giacomelli retired. Gunella and Hytten were non-starters. It makes you wonder why anybody took the trouble to prepare a Maserati; a fascinating car, but what chance would you have against the might of Ford and BMW? No team, Italian, British or Swedish would ever make the car work.
Moffat and Harvey retired too. A third place for the Eggenberger car of Niedzwietz/Soper...
... and a fourth for Ludwig/Dieudonné. Rouse and Tassin finished fifth.
This #16 Bavaria BMW, my guess is that these are Metge and Sourd.
This CiBiEmme car was probably driven by Micangeli and Bosshard.
The Seikel Motorsport Mustang finished 23rd. A Du Bac 635 (Morin/de Lesseps?) leading the Holden.
Pessiot/Bassaler drove this 635 to 30th position. The Schnitzer M3 of Capelli/Ravaglia finished second.
Brancatelli and Cecotto won the race.
Oestreich/Vogt racing for Bigazzi this time.
A Dixi Sport Alfa 75 (Di Gioia/Févrot) ... and another one (Santal/Delavallade)
Pirro and Ratzenberger retired. Mancini/Lovato retired.
Czech: Vanícek and Tomásek: 15th overall.
Van Mol/Van den Eeckhout finished 17th overall.
Giroix and Lapeyre finished sixth overall.
Salam/Destic, 14th overall. Ballot-Léna retired his M3.

A Du Bac M3 - its seems Petit and Malcher, non-starters?
Nannini and Laffite in the works Alfa 75 Turbo, 9th overall.
Francia/Schlesser finished 8th.
Drovandi and Langes, 11th.
Santin/Rossi, 12th. The Alfas may not have had the outright speed, but they were reliable in any case...
Voulaz/Cipriani (16th) in yet another Alfa 75... ... harried by Nannini/Laffite.
And yet another Alfa 75, Naebrink/Lindström - 29th overall.
A nice Corolla; looks like Hodgett's car, a non-starter?
Barthe/Legourd, I guess, lapped by the Bigazzi M3.
This looks like the Charouz Corolla, normally driven by him and Italians Toffoli and Grassetto. Non-starters?
Fermine/de Liederkerke, 24th and fifth in class.
Another Corolla, probably Burton/Katsers.
A fighting group... ... and another one.

Race result

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