Zolder EG Trophy 1986

Jaussaud and Feitler shared this Garage du Bac BMW, result unknown.

Jolly Club: Lombardi and Drovandi with the Alfa 75 V6; they finished 5th in class.

Allam, Joosen and Hahne did not have the best of weekends.

Start. The first few laps were frantic as usual.
Cecotto muscles past the Grohs/Deutgen Sierra.
Walkinshaw/Percy. Tyre troubles put them behind the Volvos.
Hahne/Allam in their Bastos Rover battling with a Schnitzer BMW.
The Quester/Schäfer BMW in action.
The Larsson Volvo.
The Grohs/Deutgen Sierra.
Grice is back with Delcourt.
The Mertes/Reuter Sierra was one of many German interlopers.
Cecotto/Lindstrom at speed in their Volvo.

Lombardi and Drovandi again.

Vogt and Oestreich won their class.

Camathias/Castagna, result unknown.

Regout and Cremer, ditto!

And I don't know the result for Livio and Orlandi too...

Race result

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