Silverstone TT 1986

Some practice shots from Silverstone. Volvo #1 for Cecotto/Olofsson. Granberg and Lindström shared the #2 car.
The Eggenberger Sierra #3 for Niedzwiedz/Soper - a character building seson for the swiss team. Eggenberger's second car was driven by Müller Jr and Dieudonné
Rover #7 (Hahne/Brancatelli) in the well known livery. Rover #8 (Walkinshaw/Percy) in the well known livery.
But Rover #9 (Allam/Hulme), the eventual winner, had different sponsorship. HWRT Sierra: Grohs and Needell.
This CiBiEmme car was for Rossi and Micangeli.
Another CiBiEmme car for Bosshard and Sasiambarrena.
The CiBiEmme #16 car for veteran Grano and Cipriani. Another BMW for Giroux/Metge.
The exotics: a Toyota Supra for Morris/Beacham... ... and a Mitsubishi Starion for Brodie/Sheene, a car which unfortunately hardly took part in the BSCC, just like the Toyota on the left.
Not every Rover is a TWR car: here the Leech/McGrath car. A British BMW: Robinson, Birrane and Simmiss.
The second Australian team visiting Europe: the Mobil HDT car, this time with British drivers Woodman/Cleland. Division 2: the Linder BMW of Vogt/Oestreich...
This second Linder car was shared by Enge and Vogt.
... and a Mercedes pack consisting of Carlsson and Serge Power cars.
The Alfetta GTV's were replaced by 75 V6 cars now. This is the Jolly Club car. Yet another exotic: the Dutch Mazda 929 rotary, with a solid performance here.
A prodsaloon Mercedes for Lepp and Eccles.
The Seikel Motorsport semiworks Audi 80 of Seikel/Suster.
Stallmann and Ley with their Golf.
Hodgetts and Moss, Corolla.
Minshaw and Hill in a second CHMS Corolla.
Denny Hulme made a welcome return to racing in Europe.
The two Jully Club cars side by side. This Alfa was driven by Orlandi, Siena and Drovandi.
Row 1: two TWR Rovers. Row 4: Schnitzer BMW and Eggenberger Sierra.
The start! V8s in the lead.
An unlucky race for the RAS Volvo of Cecotto and Olofsson. Walkinshaw and Percy finished third.
The #10 Schnitzer car retired. But this #11 car finished second.
Carlsson Mercedes: Vojtech and Micangeli, fifth in class. Another Carlsson Mercedes, the car of Werginz and Baron.
Rouse and Sears were unlucky and finished just 13th. Müller Jr and Dieudonné brought the first Sierra home in fifth.
Two fighting groups: Grano/Cipriani (BMW 635), Vogt/Oestriech (BMW 325) and Curnow/Longman (Escort).
If this picture actually is from the race itself, then Postan/Cox (Renault) did start the race; I had my doubts. Howling past is the Rover of Hahne/Brancatelli.

Race result

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