ETCC - Grosser Preis der Tourenwagen 1986

Meet & greet om the pit straight? In front the Holden of Grice.
Cecotto, now a Volvo driver.
Grohs and Winkelhock would finish 14th.
Probably early in the race: the Walkinshaw/Percy car followed by Ravaglia/Pirro, Cecotto/Olofsson and I suppose Müller/Dieudonné.

The very same group with the BMW attacking.
Now here the second Volvo and Rover have joined the frame.
Here is the Rover of Brancatelli/Hahne, the Soper/Niedzwiedz Sierra, the HWRT Sierra of Grohs and Winkelhock and finally the Micangeli/Rossi CiBiEmme BMW.
Some more cars in a group, Pietromarchi/Giudici ahead. Midfield: Lombardi/Naddeo, Castel/Robert in the dark BMW, then Drovandi/Francia, Janssens/de Lesseps and at the rear the BMW of Ballot-Léna & Co.
An even bigger group, compared with the previous one new cars are the 45 BMW (Enge/Micangeli), the French Mercedes of Salam/Destic, 71 Auto Budde BMW of Hamelmann/Walterscheid-Müller, 46 Mercedes of Vojtech/Micangeli and I'm not sure if the yellow BMW is #13 or #23. Walkinshaw/Percy leading the sister car.
The Juma BMW of Heyer/Calderari would retire. Camathias/Castagna on the inside of Schnurr/Dalm.

Offermann/Esser in the Manta ahead of Felder/Faubel/Göring in the BMW.  

Race result

1986 Pictures