Eifelrennen DTM 1986

The head of the field, right after the start. Reuter in the lead, then Weidler, Thiim, Niedzwiedz, Winkelhock and Manthey.
Midfield: Strycke, Peil, Göring, Kröber, Nodes, Behrens and the rest of the field.
Stureson finished 9th.
Manthey finished third.
And Niedzwiedz finished fourth.
Niedzwiedz followed by Wollgarten - one of the many Mantas in the race.
Strycek finished eighth.
A fine victory for Weidler and the Mercedes - the first of many for the Stuttgart manufacturer.
"Peggan" Andersson finished fifth.
Here he is followed by König.
Mertes (left) fighting with Prüser.
Thiim finished second with the Rover.

A Kissling duo: Offermann (left) and Peil.

Race result

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