Jarama 1986

Cecotto/Lindström, third eventually. Soper/Niedzwiedz, DNF.
The TWR Rover Vitesse, here Walkinshaw/Percy. Grice/Birrane/de Lesseps in the mighty Holden.
A non-starter was this Sierra with a Spanish crew. Rensing/Strycek, 1st in Division 2 at the end.
Vojtech/Micangeli, second in division 2. An exotic crew for this Auto Budde BMW 325i - third in class.
Nielsen/Høyer/Hodgetts with the Toyota, third in class. Class winner: Audi with Suster/Seikel.
Result unknown: the Audi of Capra/da Schio/Grandi. Third in division 1: Høyer and Nielsen.
The first lap, at the Le Mans curve. The Jolly Club Alfa 75 got it wrong here.
And the winner is... Ravaglia/Pirro, BMW. A fighting second: Walkinshaw and Percy.
The rostrum.
All Jarama pictures supplied by Fernando Doménech.

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