500 km Estoril 1986

The Eggenberger Sierra's - a bad season, though here the #3 car finally won. The Schnitzer BMW of Capelli/Ravaglia.
The Grohs/Winkelhock HWRT Sierra. A colorful Portugese BMW 635 (Fernandes/Moutinho).
The third RAS Volvo: look at the big spoiler of the brick-shaped Volvo.
The inside of the Grice Holden Commodore... ... and the outside.
A smoking Luigi Alfa Romeo 75; unsure whether they raced a turbo or a V6. According to the smoke, it must be a turbo...
Heavy traffic at the BMW pit area. The 325 (Strycek/Rensing) in front. The Auto Budde 325, next to its classmate Carlsson Mercedes.
Another Mercedes, with the French pair of Jarier and Barlesi. This is a turbo 75; the Brixia car of Francia/Langes.
All Estoril pictures supplied by João Abreu - all pictures were taken during practice.

Race result

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