EG Trophy Zolder 1985

A Rover leading a Volvo etcetera. The midfield: the Linder BMW in front of the Luigi duo.
Now it's a Volvo leading a Rover. A bunch of BMW's - the leading one is Seikel's car.
This is the Auto-Budde 635, without doubt on the verge of being lapped by a works car. The 1600 cc class: Golfs and Corollas.
A spin of one of the Alfa's.
The winner: Brancatelli/Lindström. Fourth:Berger/Ravaglia.
DNF: Schlesser/Percy. Third: Hahne/Allam.
Hahne/Allam again. DNF: Andersson/Petersson/Lindén.
One of the Luigi Alfas, Boucher/de Dryver. The Linder BMW of Vogt/Dufter finished 7th an 1st in class.
This is the Seikel Audi of Seikel/Gilges/Legourd. Prüser/Schären/Coenen leading two Toyotas.
All Zolder pictures courtesy of Wim Heuving
So this must be the Wollstadt car - it retired.

Race result

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