Thruxton BSCC 1985

Rouse wanted to repeat his surprise victory of Friday, but retired. Sheene in deep-thinking mode.
Just behind the leaders it is McGrath leading Dooley and Sytner. A battle in class C.
Rouse would retire in the race... ... but Brodie with the Mitsubishi Starion would win it!
Sheene got no further than third despite being second on the grid. Sytner finished fourth.
Newman finished fifth. Goode retired the Nissan.
Kirby won his class, but ws beaten by two class C runners. Drury retired this Alfetta.
Curnow hopping over the kerbs on his way to second in class. Morris leads teeammate Hodgetts but would finish behind him.
Hodgetts finished third in class... ... while Belcher won it!

Race result

1985 Pictures