Oulton Park BSCC 1985

Number 1: no, not the Larch but the brand new Sierra of Rouse - on his way to an unexpected win. Sponsor boss Hall retired last years' championship-winning car.
Brodie with number 6? He finished 13th with gearbox troubles. Barry Sheene retired the Toyota Supra.
Brian Chatfield finished fourth, but was disqualified for missing homologation papers. Sytner retired his BMW 635.
Neil McGrath finished second behind Rouse. Mike Newman's BMW, one of last years' CC-Racing cars.
Jon Dooley, fifth overall with the well-known Alfetta GTV6. Third overall and class winner: Goode in the Nissan.
Rob Kirby, 7th overall. Drury finished 10th overall.
Good to see Grun's Toyota Corolla here. A liftback version. Eight overall and class winner: Curnow and the Escort RSi.
This is Hodgetts, second in class. Belcher, fourth in class.
Kimber-Smith, with a Liftback Corolla too, retired... ... just like Morris in the second Brooklyn car.
Here we see the Brooklyn pair sandwiching Belcher and Curnow.
Chatfield leading Sheene and Rouse.

Race result

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