ETCC - Grosser Preis der Tourenwagen 1985

A wide view of the track. Granberg/Olofsson leading the Rover brigade, with Quester/Oestreich in the Schnitzer BMW trying to enter the frame.
Müller/Dieudonné leading Martin/Spice with Allam/Hahne behind.
The DPM Rover of Manthey/John took part in the ETCC race too.
Another fine bunch; 1985 was a classic year.
Lap 35 and a fight between Rover and Volvo.
Lap 95: Soper/Joosen are second now - and it would stay that way.
Walkinshaw/Percy would retire.
A broken oil sump meant 35th overall for the German Rover.
Soper/Joosen, second.
Allam/Hahne retired.
Vogt/Becker: 7th overall and a class win.
Reindl/Dufter finished tenth and second in class.

Race result

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