Nürburgring Super Sprint 1985

And we're off! Sierras in the lead, and we see Strycek's BMW as well as John's Camaro.

Manthey would finish fifth, the Rover was still competitive. Oberndorfer finished sixth in the Alfa...
.. teammate Klammer finished 18th. Fritsche and the Monza retired.
This is Kröber and the ISA Volvo. He retired early in the race. And this is the winner: Ludwig in the Ringshausen-Sierra.
John mostly ran at the front - or retired in 1985. This race he retired. Fritz Müller finished 13th...
... Nussbaumer one place ahead of him. And in 11th place it was Andersson.
Göring finished 15th with his colorful BMW. Mamerow retired the Mönninghof Camaro.
14th: the Mustang of Gröpper. That's why I like these "amateur" pictures, I don't think you find pictures of cars like these anywhere else. Thanks Norbert! Elgaard retired in this race, but he had a fine season, competing with the best BMW runners.
Jochen Dauer in the Isert BMW 323i; he retired. 21st: Kopf in his Alfetta.

Now this is an interesting picture; the white Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 of Gallina, the first of its kind in Germany - and not a frontrunner, unlike France where the SRS cars played a major role in the championship. Next to him is Henny Hemmes with her good old Camaro; she finished last (but so far behind that I guess there have been a technical problem) but still she is one of the few Dutchmen ever to enter a DPM/DTM race.

Race result

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