Jarama 1985

Walkinshaw/Percy, the race winners. Brancatelli/Lindström, second.
Ludwig/Niedzwiedz, retirement with a broken halfshaft. Reuter/Sasiambarrena, retirement with clutch problems.
Müller/Dieudonné, third overall. Ravaglia/Cecotto, only 7th this time.
Snobeck/Cudini, retirement with rear axle problems. Ohlsson/Simonsen, another retirement.
Division 2 winners: Vogt/Oestreich. Interesting entry: future Rallye champion Carlos Sainz partnering Jésus Diez de Villaroel.
Division 1 winners: Bychl and Micangeli. Third in division 1: Høyer and Nielsen.
Result unknown: Miranda/Romero. Interesting entry was this Bulgarian BMW 635. Anyone knows the story behind it?
All Jarama pictures supplied by Fernando Doménech.

Race result

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