Donington 500 1985

A big win for Rover in Donington: 1-2-3. First: Walkinshaw/Percy.
Second: Schlesser/Hahne.
Third: Allam/Thibaut.
The leading Eggenberger Volvo could only manage fourth (Brancatelli/Lindstr÷m). A privateer Volvo came in fifth (Granberg/Carlsson).
Sixth: Sytner and Delcourt.
The whole CiBiEmme team in one shot. Only the last car would finish, in seventh: Naddeo/Palma.
Eight: another private Volvo with Borgudd, Olsson and Strauch.
Ninth: the unforgotten Lombardi and Drovadi.
Tenth: the Alfetta of Francia and Meireles, followed by the Corolla of H°yer and Nielsen (14th).
11th: Cipriani and Camathias.
12th: Suster and Siena, #46. While #44 spins, 43 is ahead but will retire with Boucher and Cremer.
13th overall and class winners: the RAS Golf of de Castro/Ripolles.
15th: Dowsett/Drury on the outside.
16th: Schumacher and Tilke (ahead).
19th: The Peugeot of Frensch and Mansperger.
20th: Meeuvissen and van Ommen in the Escort.
21st: Longman and Curnow.
22nd: Palmer/Nicholson/Sears in the Mazda.

How colorful: retirement for CiBiEmme with Naddeo/Palma.
And another retirement, with Micangeli/Bosshard.
Aussies O'Brien and Baker retired this Volvo.
De Dryver and Francia retired this Luigi Alfetta.
A Rover podium.

Race result

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