Westfalenpokal DPM 1984

Grohs and the BMW - fastest pair but no championship. Manthey and the Rover Viitesse.
Leopold von Bayern, BMW 635. Prangemeier and his Camaro.
Walterscheid-Müller, Budde-BMW. Kurt König, regular top-10 finisher; but not here.
Strycek and the Gubin-BMW. Airline captain Trint and the Mustang.
Schem and the vintage Capri. Japanese power: Mistubishi Starion for Friedrich.
A Manta for Schäfer. Vogt in the Linder BMW 323i.
Haase and the Golf GTI Peter John, Camaro.
Mamerow and his Golf. Dieter Miltz, BMW.
Prüser, BMW 323i. Armin Hahne with the Metro Turbo.
Pictures courtesy of Norbert Vogel
The field right after the start.

Race result

1984 Pictures