Spa 24 hours 1984

First a walk along the pit wall. Here's the British Toyota normally driven by Percy in the BTCC I suppose, but now hired to the Martins and Spice. Rover were out in full force; they didn't have to worry about the British championship. This is the car of Duez, Schlesser and Lovett.
This one is driven by Hahne, Schlesser and Soper. And the last one is for Joosen, Jabouille and Pond.
This is the German (DPM) car of Manthey, Selzer and Schneider. The "Sinziger" sponsorship has disappeared for now. Team Schnitzer had taken over the Würth sponsorship from Hartge. This is the Ravaglia/Berger/Winkelhock car.
The lead Schnitzer car was for Stuck, Quester and Weaver. Volvo were to tackle their first Spa 24 hours with Swedish cars under Belgian flag.
The Walkinshaw/Heyer/Percy Jaguar... ... and the sister car of Calderari, Pilette and Sears.
Tassin, Cudini and Snobeck shared this Juma BMW.
What a lovely sight (apart from the rain!); 53 cars on the grid.
And we're away, with Jaguar leading.
The BMW Italia CSi leading the next pack... ... while the Toyota is a little further down.
Then the Volvos, somewhere in the middle of the field. Trucco, Sagne and Dupas were in trouble early in the race. But it would go downhill from there...
This 1.8 Golf GTI was driven by Hohenester, Guyaux and Isler. Two Rovers leading an Alfa in the rain.
Suster, Witmeur and Libert finished third in class with this Alfa - in the wet early stages of the race Walkinshaw laps the car.
Jarier/Huysman. Jarier worked his way into the lead in the wet after two hours, but Harald Huysman crashed at Eau Rouge when he was caught out by a firework display trackside.
Drovandi/Cremer/Pirenne - No luck for the Luigi Racing Alfas this year.
Another Luigi car, this one driven by Perrier, de Thoisy and Salam; they would finish second in class.
Ménage, Nève and Jamin drove this Nothelle Golf; they retired.
They don't make 'm like that; a light 16-valve 1600 cc car. This is a Danish Corolla, driven to third in class by Nielsen, Høyer and Poulsen.
Another Corolla, a coupé and maybe a Group N version. Janssens and Carlier drove it to second in class.
Another coupé, of Fritzinger, De Sterck and Van Rompuy - it retired.
The DNRT Mazda of Vermeulen, van der Beek and van Dedem retired as well.
Cipriani, Toffoli and Siena leading the #51 Alfa Romeo we saw before.
Mantas! This is the Kissling car of Wollgarten, Prym and Hennes; they retired.
The sister car of Offerman, Esser and Behrens retired too.
Lombardi/Francia - 1st in Division 2 for Lella and Giorgio. The Mich-Manta of Weber, Schäfer and Strycek did finish; fourth in class.
A respectable finish for the Toyota: fifth overall! Raes, Verhaegen and Van Hove were early retirements.
Didn't I warn you? It ended in tears for the French BMW. A fine looking Mustang of Feitler, Feider and Belmondo Jr...
... which also ended in the rails. Night time: Stuck hands over to Quester.
How did Rover fare? Hahne, Schlesser and Soper did not last longer than 2 hours. Joosen/Jabouille/Pond in the works Rover did not finish either.
And even the German Rover did not finish. Only the #28 British car did, it finished eighth. How about the Volvo brigade: the #22 car finished 24th...
... as the #21 car finished 15th. How about this car, we haven't seen it before. It was driven by De Deyne, Bourgoignie and Thiim, not a bad bunch. They finished 14th.
The Capri didn't want to die just yet, with such an heritage in Spa. How about tenth overall, driven by Semoulin, de Dryver and Regout?! Jaguar #14 (Calderari, Sears and Pilette) retired after an accident.
Walkinshaw/Heyer/Percy - Still eight hours to go, a quiet Sunday run in the sunshine for the winners.
Hartge still had a car at Spa after a dismal season. And it even finished, with Enge and Ms Hemmes; they finished 11th.
The BMW Italia car finished sixth, with Grano, Müller Jr and Brancatelli. Schnitzer's second car retired with engine troubles.
The second Juma car finished fourth, though I don't know if they were disqualified in the end or not. Tassin/Cudini/Snobeck - 2nd place this year for Tassin.
Stuck/Quester/Weaver - heading for the finish, in third place. But the win was for Jaguar!
Close/Hardy/Remion - 1st in division 1 and 19th overall.

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