Donington 500 1984

This is the pace car... The Jaguars in the lead after the start.
The #1 Jaguar ran into troubles and finished only 9th.
#3 wasn't shining too and finished fifth. A BMW pack, with the Eggenberger #5 car leading.
It retired eventually. Like this one, the Ravaglia/Danner Schnitzer car.
This nice-looking Eggenberger car... ... didn't look too nice after this.

There were more victims, like the #16 Juma car and the #5 Eggenberger car mentioned before.
The Sytner car fighting with a Schnitzer car.
This Hartge car seems a little tail-happy.
This Hartge car retired too... ... while this Juma car of Cudini and Snobeck finished sixth.
#15 leading his teammate and a Volvo. The sister car retired.
Sytner and Williams brought this car to seenth. The #26 Rover of Soper/Allam oversteering in front of the eventual second-place BMW.
A Rover bunch: Sawyer-Hoare's car sandwiched between the works cars. A duel between the Rover of Soper and Allam and the Stuck/Quester BMW.
Both Rovers ahead of the Lindstr÷m/Olofsson Volvo. The #26 Rover of Soper/Allam now ahead of the third Jaguar.
This is Sawyer-Hoare's car he shared with Rouse - they would retire. The same car leading a group with Volvo, BMW, Austin Metro and an Alfa Romeo.
#31 Volvo leading #6 BMW - they would finish 8th and 4th respectively.
This one finished too, despite this lost wheel.
This is the #33 Volvo of Elgh/Pirnay fighting with their teammates and the Hartge BMW of Johansson/Vojtech. The Elgh/Pirnay Volvo leading the sister car of DieudonnÚ/Delcourt. They would finish 11th and 17th respectively.
A last shot of the GTM cars. This Belgian Golf of De Liedekerke/Fermine retired.
Despite this mishap, this Volvo managed to get to the finish, albeit in a lowly 15th place.
Jolly Club Alfa #53 was the last finisher, in 19th.
Here it is followed by Alfetta #52, 16th overall.
Watts and Brundle retired this Metro.
The Danish Corolla won its class.
The winner: Jaguar duo Percy/Nicholson...
... in second: Woodman and Weaver ... ... in third: the Schnitzer car of Stuck and Quester.

Race result

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