Brno Grand Prix 1984

Stuck and Quester shared this Schnitzer BMW. An Eggenberger BMW for Grano/Müller Jr.
Below: Surer and the Hartge BMW, right: Vojtech leaning against the BMW, which he was intended to share with Johansson - but it became Surer instead.
A works Rover for Soper and Hahne... ... and one for Allam and Duez.
Granberg/Petersson/Kvist were unable to start. I guess I know why.
Jaguar were unbeatable: a 1-2-3 at Brno. This one won...
... and this one finished third. A Mazda RX7 (Mitterer/Rockenbauer?) and a Capri (Lingen, Dackweiler and Stüber).
Volvo #12 finished 14th...
... while the result for #14 is unknown - I guess it retired.
The Surer/Vojtech Hartge BMW, 11th overall at the finish.
This is the Luigi Alfetta of Boucher and "Spiffero". This is the best Volvo in the race: it finished fourth with Granberg and Elgh.
This is the Hartge car for Enge and Joosen. Troubles for van Hove/Raes/Verhaegen in lap 6 at Bosonohy.
Fritz Müller, one of the unsung heroes of racing. Walkinshaw and, in the back, Percy.
Left: Enge and Vojtech.

Race result

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