EG Trophy Zolder 1983

The first two pictures pose a bit of a problem; there's no #37 in the entry, it looks like a fourth (!) Jolly Club car.
This car is in the entry list, and probably did not qualify. It shoud be the pairing of Maillien and Jones.
Calamai and Zapico did not qualify this Alfasud TI.
This car qualified, but didn't make the start.
And we're off, Kelleners/Grano in the lead.
Mid-field... ... and more mid-field.
The Eggenberger BMW leading Jag and Hartge BMW.
Marazzi/Truffo fighting with the unique Audi 4000 of Dubois and Guiot.
The Martin brothers and Woodman retired the Mustang.
Kelleners and Grano won the race.
The second Eggenberger car is not often seen. But here is the Vanoli/Isler car, finishing fifth.
Stuck and Quester managed fourth.
This Jag finished eigth...
... while the sister car retired with a broken gearbox. The controversial underbody rear spoiler is visible nicely here.
Lindtröm/Olofsson followed by the Mercedes we will see later in more detail.
Delcourt/"Davit"/Trigaux finished a respectable third.
Last years' 528 sister car retired - you'll know why.
Lingmann and Hölzl chasing the BMW of Vojtech and Enge.
The couple from behind the iron curtain retired.
Stureson/Persson in another Turbo Volvo. The cars were not very quick just yet, but that would soon change.
Another car for the future, at least in Europe: the TWR Rover of Joosen and Lovett.
Soper and Allam shared the other Rover, which retired - like the sister car.
Is Heyer getting in or out? Driver change for the Juma BMW, its differential would play up
A touch of oversteer for the Mustang.
On of the few Capris remaining: pit stop for Pirnay/Lacroix.
The lead Lucky Strike car was damaged too, but it went on to third anyway.
Vanierschot and Carlier finished 12th in this Mercedes. Bellof soon retired with a broken propshaft.
Drovandi and Zapico, the latter switching from the Alfasud. With two wheels up in the air they went on to win their class.
Francia and Marco Micangeli finished a lowly 26th overall.
De Deyne and Duez finished second in the Hartge BMW. Herregods and Bergmeister drove this Scirocco to second in class.

Race result

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