Zolder Kreuzritter Rennen DRT 1983

Division 2
No BMW M1's to spoil the attention of the under-2500 cc class here. This is Dransmann, Escort RS, he retired.

Selzer won the race, like many others in 1983. No more exhaust under the driver's door; noise regulations meant a long tail pipe.
Rolf Rummel in a BMW 320; result unknown. I only now discovered that BMW had homologated a rear spoiler since mid-1980...
Wollstadt finished second with this 323i.
Wagenstetter in another 323i; he finished sixth.

Liehr in the unusual Talbot Lotus; result unknown.
Hegels in yet another 323i; result unknown.
Wolf in the Audi finished third.
Bröhling finished fourth.
Jakob Hürtgen, BMW 323i, result unknown.

Division 1
Sometimes German motorsport looks like a museum. A Group 1B Capri was outlawed after 1981, but in 1983 here still capable of beating Group A cars. Until Jaguars and Rovers came to the scene. Here Gartmann.
A real Group A car, albeit a 1982 one. Felder with his Eggenberger car, fifth in his class.

Peter Schem, result unknown.
Thelen in another 528i, result unknown.
All the way from Berlin - no mean feat in 1983. Winner Jähn in his Capri.
Guest from Belgium: Willems, result unknown.
Horst Jacobs, r.u.
Maiworm, r.u.
Another guest, Valentin Simons, r.u.
Kummle, retired after an accident.

Walkowiak finished 5th overall and second in class.
Driver "X", I guess it is Jörg van Ommen.

Teitscheid, sixth in class.

Grimm, also from Berlin I suppose, r.u.
Brecht, r.u.
Kaczmarek, r.u.
Holger Knudsen from Denmark, r.u.
Wipperfürth, fourth in class.

Race result

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