Zolder Westfalen Pokal DRP 1983

I have an entry list but race results are limited. This is Hamann in the Group A Fiat 127 in the first race for the small Group A/AN cars as well as Belgian Group N. This might be Fiat #5, in which case this would be Peter Heinichen.
Thorsten Maempel in the Lancia which looks remarkably like an Autobianchi - I know because I owned one. Hans-Günther Paul in his Fiesta, one of the championship contenders.
Another oldie: the Talbot of Lakaff, Ferdinand. Armin Rösch had another one.
Group N Belgium: the Group N Golf of Pirenne.
Guy Katsers (Fiat Ritmo 125 TC Group N) leading Maempel.
Race winner De Deyne in his Group N Alfetta.
We move on to race D. Group A under 1600 cc: this is Gröpper in the Scirocco. He finished third on the road in his class.
Either class winner or disqualified: Wirtz in the Golf GTI.
Horst Hahne, Group AN Scirocco.
Peter Mamerow in his Group AN Golf.
Still race D; this is the vintage RS2000 of Peter Brecht.
Group B, still the same race (it consisted of 5 different classes): Hoppe in the "Lancia".
Günter Heiss in a hot Fiesta.
I've seen cars like this one race back in 1974. Now, we're in 1983 and the Simca is still going strong. This is Karin Hirschmann.
Arnold Schain, VW Polo.
The Fiat 128 hit the market in 1969, and this one doesn't look much younger although it's neat. This is Heinz Stüber.
Another Fiesta, this is Wallrapp.
Frank Wieddekind, strong contender in 1982 wasn't very lucky this year it seems.
A 1300 Polo, this is Zitt.
Hermann Behrens in the Nissan Pulsar, on his way to the 1983 championship - he would finish third here.
Dieter Drewes in another Polo, he finished either first or second, "Sportfahrer" wasn't clear. Anyone has "ONS Mitteilungen 1983" available?
Another Lakaff - this is Hans-Günter.
Günter Winters in the Polo - either he or Drewes won the class.
A Manta B! We have moved on to the next race: 7 classes in race F. Group A under 2000 cc, this is Offermann.
Now this looks like an '83 racing car. The ATN Rover Vitesse piloted by Armin Hahne, practising for the 1984 DPM championship - though Hahne would race in the ETCC for the works team.
Group AN over 2000 cc: a Capri III for Ernst Albrecht.
Bernd Sommerberg in the Group B Golf.
This man would become more famous by being Schumacher's manager: but he was a decent driver in a decent car. It's Willi Weber, of course.
Normally blown away in the Rundstrecken Trophaë by the Escorts, Wolfgang Wolf had less competition here.
Willi Hatje in the BMW 320.
Heinz Schmetz had another 320.
Ernst-Ludwig Kipp and yet another Group 2, pardon, Group B BMW 320.

Friedrich Burgmann, BMW 320.
Next class: Knippschild with the Manta 400.
Jürgen Alzen with the Group B Capri; the car looks familiar.
The "Hobby" class: say goodbye to the 2002 of Bell...
... and Höller.

Race result

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