Silverstone TT 1983

1982 champions Kelleners and Grano only managed 6th. Vanoli/Hollinger finished 7th in the second Eggenberger car.
Fifth: Quester and Heyer, an unusual combination... Stuck, Brun and again Quester retired the second Schnitzer car.
It wasn't a Jaguar weekend: this one retired... ... and this one finished 9th.
Delcourt and Barrie Williams shared this BMW; they finished a respectable fourth. Third: another BMW of Vojtech/Enge.
The Hartge sister car of Hartge, Vojtech and Bychl finished 8th. Bosshardt and Briozzo couldn't do better than 27th.
Second was the BMW of Palmer and Weaver. Yet another BMW: Fornage and Shaw finished 20th.
Lindström and Olofsson shared this black Volvo. It retired...
... just like this, another brick-shaped Volvo turbo of Stureson/Persson.
Allam and Lovett finished a lowly 19th... ... but Soper and Metge were the unexpected winners with the Rover Vitesse.
The Woodman/Buncombe Mustang. Spice, Crang and Hales shared this Rover - it finished 11th...
... just ahead of this one driven by Sawyer-Hoare and Brindley. Kvist and Thor retired.
Still more BMW's - Motorsport GmbH must have made a nice profit in 1983. These are Sytner and Muir, tenth. Percy and Dron finished 16th.
The Opel Monza of Cleland/Lanfranchi passes the Metro Turbo of Watts/Pond. Marazzi and Truffo retired.
This is the Luigi Alfa Romeo of Francia/Micangeli - they retired as well. Vogt, Müller Jr and Braun finished fourth in class.
Irvine and Palmer retired this RX7. The semiworks Audi 80, driven by Seikel and Schörg, were fourth in class. There's a Scirocco hidden in this picture, unknown which one.

Race result

1983 Pictures