GP der Tourenwagen Nürburgring 1983

BMW 635 #2 (Vanoli/Danner) leading a Swiss Escort (#83, Ulmann/Kamm), #25 (a 528i, Felder, "Pace" and Schneider) and another 528i of Cipriani, Toffoli and Siena. The Eggenberger 635 would finish third. Nussbaumer, Hartge and van Ommen finished sixth overall.
Both Jaguars retired. The #7 car of Calderari, Dieudonné and Walkinshaw leading the Kadett of Duda/Duda/Titz, which sounds like a song - they finished 34rd overall.
The Rover #20 of Allam and Soper retired, just like its sister car...
... #19, with Joosen, Lovett and Metge.
BMW #56 was driven by Martini, Jacobs and Kamp (24th), Kadett #60 by J. Fritsche and Asch (7th overall and class winner) and behind them #161 Ascona (Knudsen and Kristoffersen), 23rd.
Schnock, Krumbach and von Stein finished 21st.
Capra, de Schio and Falardi came all the way from Italy; result unknown.

Race result

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