Donington 500 1983

Some practice shots: the Eggenberger BMW Italia car of Kelleners and Grano. The second Eggenberger rarely features in the press. But here it is, unsponsored, with Rossi and Vanoli.
Schnitzer car #4 leads some fellow participants. The Brundle/Fitzpatrick/Calderari Jaguar.
Delcourt brought his new car... ... and last years' one; this didn't qualify.
Allam and Soper shared this TWR Rover...
... while this white car was shared by Joosen and Lovett.
Two cars that failed the cut: the #12 Volvo and the #23 BMW.
This car did not qualify too.
Briozzo and a handful of friends did qualify this BMW.
The Alfa #34 wasn't qualified I guess, while the pair of Schumacher and Tilke worked hard but failed too. No it wasn't Michael, yes it was THE Hermann!
The Alfa Deutschland Alfetta did not qualify, but won the race for non-qualifiers as a consolation.
Audi #50 leading the #30 Mazda of Irvine and Palmer.
The Audi 80 of Seikel and Schörg.
Heregods and Vermeersch shared this RAS Scirocco.

Another bunch of cars trying to get into the race. The #55 Golf was in.
On Sunday, the weather was terrible. This is the start...
... with Jaguar taking command.
The tail of the field had problems of their own.
Walkinshaw and Nicholson sailing through the water. It wasn't their day however.
The second Jaguar was number one today: Brundle, Fitzpatrick and Calderari won the race. The only Volvo in the race finished seventh with Lindström and Dickens.
Bos or Duby buried their BMW in the kitty litter.
Vojtech and Enge leading the #5 Schnitzer car...
... they would finish fourth, the Schnitzer car second.
Micangeli and Zapico finished third in class.

Race result

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