EG Trophy Zolder 1980

This is the #1 BMW Italia car, driven by Joosen, Schmidt and Grano. It finished 5th.
Grano, again, and his Austrian teammates drove its sister car - 6th overall. The old CSL might have disappeared, but the CS was still alive. These are Delcourt and Baert.
This German Mazda was present too, result unknown.
The TWR Mazda would finish third with Walkinshaw and Dieudonné.
Zakspeed Escort: no result known, one of the drivers might have been Manfred Mohr. The Linder BMW of Linder/Kindlmann, result unknown...
Vanoli/Calderari finished second behind their sister car. The Golf of Hölscher/Gilges, result unknown...
... and the Haribo-Audi of Pütz/Pütz/Eichner. The Audi of Trintignant/Dubois, not classified.
The Italian Ritmo, an unsuccesful car in the market as well as on the track. It was driven by Dona and de Vito, result unknown.
This is no Escort, but the unique Janspeed Sunny as raced at Silverstone. This is one of the works Skodas.
And this is the third works car, for Vanicek and Charouz - the latter destined for quite a motorsport career. Audi pair: on the left the older car of Lloyd/Kottulinsky, on the right the car of Bergmeister/Nowak.
The Finotto/Facetti Talbot which did not finish.

Another BMW coupé: Micangeli/Micangeli.  

Race result

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