Westfalen Pokal DRM 1980

Ludwig's car had lost the big rear wing, but gained ground effect in the mean time. The car was 2,5 seconds faster than in March, but retired here.
Fitzpatrick won the race.
"John Winter" didn't start.
Dören finished third...
... behind Wollek's single Loos entry.
Merl was fifth in the secomnd Joest Porsche.
Schornstein came no further than 15th.
Haldi with some ugly modifications still finished sixth.
Bourgoignie just missed the podium in fourth.
Schreiber finished tenth.
Division 2: Heyer, hot title candidate, finished second.
Ertl retired once again.
Niedzwiedz was only eight.
Soldeck scored a fine podium in third.
Stuck won the race.
Teammate Brun retired.
Becker was classified 13th.
Boller's car in strange colours; he finished fifth.
Brutschin won the "atmo" class and finished fourth.
Jochen Dauer drove this BMW turbo but retired.
Sensational sixth: Vanierschot in his ancient Alpine.

Race result

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