Belgian GP support races Zolder 1980

Below some fine shots from Paul Kooyman. They must have been taken on Saturday but on Sunday too, since some drivers shared one car for the two races. Rather than trying to determinate, I'd suggest to just enjoy these pictures. The field is impressive, in my view even better than the 1980 BTCC - especially with regard to the cars.
Jean-Michel Martin, possibly on his way to the Saturday win, which was temporarely taken away from him. Michel De Deyne had a beautiful car as well. He would finish 8th in the Saturday race.
Claude Bourgoignie in the Serge Power Capri; he would finish way back, courtesy of a wrong tyre choice. Teammate Vanierschot retired with a broken gear linkage.
And there were more Capris - like this one, driven by PIlette in [ractice... and by Peltier in the race. I suppose this is Pilette driving. The Luxembourg Capri of Feitler - who won the Saturday race.
This must be Dieudonné (this looks like Saturday) followed by Joosen. The first would finish 7th on Saturday, Joosen had a terrible weekend. And look at this: a very nice Camaro with Wisell behind the wheel. And there was a sister car as well.
A good old Escort RS 2000, this one is Manu de Caluwé... ... and this is Van Mechelen.
This car was of particular interest to the photographer, I know; but the car seems a real handful. On the left it should be Dries, with the full-face helmet; the other two pictures are teammate Stessens. Both are not afraid to throw the car into oversteer!
A TWR Mazda was raced by De Dryver; but Walkinshaw raced another one.
The quality of the field in the 1600 cc class was excellent as well; German tuners earned a lot of money in Belgium. This is the TM Essen prepared car of Piessens; he would win the 1600 cc class. This is the Golf of Ménage.
Jean-Louis Hecq drove this Audi 80 GTE.

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