Zolder Preis der Stadt Düren

This is a 1000 cc Autobianchi Abarth, with Röhrig driving it.
The #53 Escort is the KWS car of Brombach, the Fiesta can't be found in the entry list.
Two Angsten Abarths; left the car of Angsten himself, the other one belongs to Zsoch.
Udo Lohmann's Hörmann car receiving some sort of treatment.
This Veytal Scirocco (which looks remarkably similar to a Spiess car some years before) was in the entry list, however minus the driver.
Knippschild's Kadett C.
Old 2002s never die, they just fade away; this is the car of Zepp.
Klaus-Peter Preuss...
... Bethke (41) and Köhler (40) had 2002s as well.
Johann Köhler and his faithfull BMW CS.

This is the Kannacher Porsche 934, in its fifth season now, with Pospieszcyk.

Race result

1980 Pictures