Nürburgring Super Sprint DRM 1980

Although we just used the start/finish straight today, the view was traditional.
Stommelen in the Kremer car retired.
This power track did not suit the Capri too well; still, Ludwig finished second and set fastest lap.
Dören in the Kremer K3 finished fourth.
Haldi retired this strange-looking 935.
After some mishaps of his competitors, Winkelhock had an easy win.
Teammate Merl finished third.
Wollek had been leading, but tire troubles sent him to the pits with sixth as a result.
Kelleners being lapped by Wollek.
Schornstein was seventh.
Mike Korten got a K3/80 from Kremer and finished fifth.
Danner won the Trophy class.
Strycek finished third in class.
Since Grohs was drafted in by Schnitzer to help Stuck, Lancia countered with Cheever. But both men were out soon after the start.
Heyer finished fourth.
Stuck was second at the line, behind Niedzwiedz.
Becker retired his faithful 320.
Maier finished eight in the Turbo Escort.
Selzer retired his Trophy Escort.

Race result

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