Spa Grand Prix DRM 1980

The Capri of Ludwig; instead of the wide rear spoiler the car had now a venturi under the car, though the skirts seem a bit high in La Source. Ludwig had pole (on this power track!) and won the race.
John Fitzpatrick behind the wheel of the Kremer K3 - but even he could not beat the Capri, he was "best of the rest".
Stommelen in his Liqui Moly Porsche; an unlucky combination which would last just another race. He would finish third here.
Merl finished fifth in the race. Dören finished sixth in the K3-79; he had a difficult season on a tight budget.

Wollek's 1980 season was just as bad as last year - and the Pirellis were no asset yet.
One of the many BMW M1s: this is "James Bald", the Group 2-4 Division 1 winner in the race.
Heyer had pole again, a troubled race meant third at the finish.
Ertl would win the race.
These are his teammates: above Niedzwiedz, on the right Soldeck.
Stuck and the Schnitzer BMW 320; disappointing practice and a retirement in the race.
Brun finished seventh in the race.
Still going strong: Becker had probably his best season in his old car, sometimes astonishing his competitors. I guess this is Wagner in his BMW 320; the sponsor would point in the direction of Rolf Rummel, but he raced a Group 2 car.
Brutschin in the atmo-BMW 320; fifth in the race, best non-turbo car.

Race result

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