Spa Coupes Benelux 1980

Now that's nice: some cars of the 1980 Turbowax Trophy; Belgium soldiered on with Group 5 longer than the Netherlands.
This is Bourgoignie's 1978-1979 car, now in the hands of "Davit".
"Davit" leading the Pantera of Trigaux.
Rolf Rummel entered his BMW here too.
Trigaux again.
Redeker was still racing his faithful Alpine.
Cyril Raes in a Group 2 Scirocco - probabbly ex-Boxberger, ex-Bergmeister.
Viljo van Splunteren in his Imp - quite an old car by now.
This must be Toby in his Group 1B Scirocco.

Race result

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