Silverstone TT 1980

A walk through the paddock first. The impressive face of the 635 BMW of Schmid/Joosen.
A works Audi 80 for Trint/Seikel - next years' weapon would be the coupé.
The unique rotary Mazda RX7. Picture on the right supplied by

A serious-looking Fiat for Dona/de Vito.

The start - some interesting cars to be seen. In third spot, after the two 635 BMW's, the world's only group 2 Rover I'm aware of; the Talbot Lotus next to it. Further, 2 Zakspeed Escorts I presume; #26 would finish second only to be disqualified. In between the Eggenberger BMW 320.
Good-looking car, but no finish - a blown head gasket for Schmid/Joosen.
Old guns Finotto/Facetti - the Talbot Lotus did not finish either.
No finish for the RX-7 too.
But two Skoda's did finish - this one third in class.
Despite this mishap (probably in practice), the Micangeli brothers partnered by Brancatelli got a second in class.
The winners: Neger/Werginz/Grano.

This Capri did not survive the race in one piece.

Race result

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