Silverstone 6 Hours 1980

I'm sorry if I sound a little rough here - but this "World Championship" field is simply a disgrace, however enthusiastic some entries might have been. Some Italian races might have been worse - but I don't have pictures from them. Silverstone, it's not your fault...
This is no group 5 car: the still not homologated BMW M1, this time entered in IMSA. Tank tape seemed to be a vital part here.
It ran just as bad as it looked - is the front not a little too high? The inevitable Aston Martin of Hamilton; it retired.
This may look a nice Ferrari, but it is slow! On the right, it's a Mazda - all the way from the US.
This is another piece of British engineering (as if the Lotus group 5 and the Aston Martin aren't enough): a Triumph TR8 turbo. It did not set a time in practice and retired from the race. Beaten by the little Lancia: the Vegla Porsche 935.
Now this is a decent car - but I don't like the colour scheme at all. Paul Sr and Redman finished third.
This is better - but Fitzpatrick, Edwards and Plankenhorn had to retire.
Sixt at the finish was this Weralit-Porsche 935 K3. Oh dear. A Carrera gone mad. At least it had decent pilots, and was a lot faster than an average BSCC Capri.
This is a French Porsche 934; it finished tenth, second in GT. No, this was not an historic car from the support programma but a WC entry. This Morgan retired.
Patrese and Röhrl retired this Lancia. Group 5 winner: the Lancia of Röhrl and Alboreto.
After only half a season of racing, Lancia took the brave decision to build customer cars; this Jolly Club car helped winning the WMC title, while in Germany the GS car clinched the DRM title.
Why Eggenberger bothered to enter a Group 2 car here I don't know.
The start of the race.

Race result

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