Nürburgring GP der Tourenwagen ETCC 1980

A bunch of cars: left the victorious Mercedes, in front the Audi 80 of Bergmeister and Nowak and the yellow BMW is the Eggenberger car of Vanoli and Calderari.
Weissgerber and Nett shared this classic BMW 2002.
The ancient Datsun 1200 coupé of Pearson and Mowatt. Even the wheels looke the same as in 1973...

This is the Skoda of Enge and Senkyr.
 Two faithful 2002's leading a Group 2 RS 2000 Escort; an unusual car.

Matthias Schneider and Lili Reisenbichler finished 10th overall.
For all I know, these last two pictures could have been made during the early morning TTE race for Group 1B cars.

Race result

1980 Pictures