1980 200 Meilen von Nürnberg DRM

In the paddock: the Zakspeed "A" team (Ludwig and Ertl) on the grass...
And here's the "B" team of Niedzwiedz and Soldeck, on the grass too.
The single Gelo 935 for Wollek on Pirellis - a match not really made in heaven.
The Porsche 934 was stiil being used, here's Reiter.
Heyer's Lancia, still in one piece here.
While Ludwig is setting a time, Mass enters the pits.
Here's Gschwendner in his 935; behind him a K3 Porsche, I guess Böhm.
Ertl won the division 2 race here.
Niedzwiedz finished fifth. Like a few other M1's, Brandenberger practised for the Division 1 race - but did not start. Perhaps the goal was to have a few more practice laps for the M1 race...

Race result

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