Le Mans 24 hours

Field, Ongains adn Lafosse driving hard, if you lookat the right picture; the Kremer car retred.
Stommelen, Plankenhorn and Ikuzawa retired too with another Kremer car.
Wollek and Kelleners were unluck Loos drivers as usual at Le Mans; they too retired. Schornstein, Grohns and von Tschirnhaus did finish: 8th.
The Jolly Club lancia won its class, albeit they finished only 19th overall. Rahal, Moffat and Garretson retited this K3.
Fifth overall, IMSA GTX winner: Fitzpatrick, Redman and Barbour.
9th overall, second in IMSA GTX: Edwards and Paul father and son. A Belgian Pozzi car: Xhenceval, Dieudonné and Regout finished 10th overall and third in GTX.
This British Ferrari finished at the back of the field: 23rd. Quester, Pironi and Mignot finished 14th in this BMW works car.
The Marlboro-backed car of Bürger, Stuck and Lacaud; they finished 15th.
The same car leading the Lloyd-Porsche 924 turbo. Soto, Hotchkiss and Honegger drove this loud Mazda RX-7 to 21st at the finish
Snobeck, Poulain and Destic: all-French Porsche 935 - they finished 20th. This Carrera/SC/934 mixture of Perrier and Carmillet finished a respectable 16th overall - and won group 4.
This French BMW broke its engine and retired. Enjoy the typical Le Mans atmosphere.

Race result

1980 Pictures