Finaleraces Zandvoort 1980

This apple-green car is the Camaro of Fresco, a man who would drive many different cars in future. He had changed his BMW 530 for a Camaro. This must be right after the start. I suppose Vermeulen and Cleutjens have passed, this is Frankenhout leading Hemmes, van Oostrum, Houthuyzen, Coorengel (black BMW), Moritz while Bénard seems to have a slight lead in the 2500 class over de Jager and Antonides.
This seems number 69, so that's Mark Smithuis doing a bit of Rallyecrossing. The leading bunch: Vermeulen with the rear still intact, Cleutjens, Frankenhout and Hemmes.
Bang! Cleutjens got by, leaving the rear of the Camaro battered. Frankenhout follows. Houthuyzen's Capri with the front of van Oostrum printed in it.

Here's the offender: van Oostrum had a lot of damage himself too.  

Race result

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