Bergischer Löwe DRM 1980

A handful of BMW's; in front the BMW of Brutschin, on the right Brandenberger's M1; behind it a D&W Escort turbo, which should be Boller's car.
Kremer's new weapon, the K3-80 was looking great - but it and/or its pilot were not up against Ludwig and his Capri.
Heyer's Lancia still in its underwear - but good enough for a shock pole and second in the race. More shocking news: Ludwig's Capri had a (too) large rear spoiler, and it went  just as fast as the Porsches.
On the road: Ludwig, Capri.
Plankenhorn, 935K3-80.
Dören with his usual 1-year-old car.
Schornstein was stuck with an 1978 car.
Stommelen, Joest-Porsche.
Bourgoignie with a 1979 K3.
Wollek in the sponsorless Loos 935.
Brandenberger, BMW M1.
Schreiber, BMW M1.
Schütz, BMW M1.
Heyer, Lancia. Ertl, Capri.
Niedzwiedz, Capri.
Boller, Escort turbo, leading Soldeck, Capri.
Stuck, BMW.
Brun, BMW.
Boller, Turbo Escort.
Brutschin, GS BMW.
Töpfl in what looks like the ex-Hohmann BMW.
Wagner, BMW.
Ochsenfort's Escort had seen better days.
Hatje, Group 2 BMW 320.
König, BMW 320 Group 2.
Winkelmann in the unique Porsche 924.

Race result

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