Zolder EG Trophy 1979

This neat Group 2 Commodore was driven by Spiegelsberger/Tomczyk; in the background the Fiat coupé of Hettelder/Redeker.
The Skoda of Michl/Sahomyl finished second in class.
Grano/Joosen/Giacomelli were second on the grid. The Luigi car was on pole.
Third on the grid: the Jolly Club car of Finotto/Facetti. Further down was the Jägermeister Eggenberger car.
Fourth: the Zakspeed Escort of Heyer/Niedzwiedz.
Just a few moments, then we're off.
A troublesome race for the BMW Italia car: only tenth at the finish. Finotto/Factti hunting the Luigi car; the Itaians would win the race.
The Luigi car would retire after an accident. Father and son van Hove - Raymond would soon take over the yellow car.
A quick change and they are on their way again.
"Luigi" following proceedings. The Jolly club on its way to victory.
The Capri would finish sixth with the Semoulin brothers. Vanierschot was not so lucky - the steering broke, and this was the result.

Vermeersch/de Cock finished at the rear with the Juma BMW. Spiegelsberger/Tomczyk - result unknown.
This Zakspeed Escort broke its gearbox - they were classified 20th. Oops. This is the second Eggenberger car of Geisser/Vanoli/Märki.
Kelleners/Müller Jr finished fifth overall.
The Audi of Bergmeister/Nowak finished second overall! Haag/Geiger, result unknown.

Race result

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