Westfalen Pokal Zolder 1979

In the pits: Jenvey's Lotus...
... Schreiber's M1...
... the M1 of Schütz...
... and Ertl's Capri

The field can't wait until practice begins.

The 935K3 of Ludwig... ... and the rear of Plankenhorn's sister car.
The Joest-935 of Stommelen.
Fitzpatrick in the Loos car.
"John Winter" had a K3 of his own.
Bringing up the rear here is probably Robert Vanhoornweder with his ancient Capri; I guess he was not qualified. I think Dören is right ahead of him.
Vanhoornweder again, now hunting Schreiber.
Schornstein negotiating the chicane.
Becker in the pits.
Ertl in action (practice).
Heyer with the other Capri.  
The debut of the lowline Schnitzer 320 turbo - here with Winkelhock behind the wheel.
He soon switched to his old car...
... not without problems. So Nussbaumer, here behind the wheel, had to withdraw. Behind him a hard-trying Group 1B Escort.
Höttinger with the Jägermeister-turbo 320.  
  Ketterer with the Pirelli-shod turbo Escort.
Krebs did not have a bad season at all, finishing fourth here in the race.  
Becker and his unique Colani-styled 320. Now this is something special: not a Porsche after a dramatic accident, but an Alfetta. It went as bad as it looked.
Höttinger with the atmo-320 - the only top driver without turbo - but third place at the race. Heyer on the grid: the smoke either wasn't his, or it did not hamper him - he won the race.
Höttinger finished sixth with a sick car. Becker retired.

Race result

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