Zandvoort Trophy 1979

The naked rear of one of the Skodas.
The BMW Italia transporter looked impressive enough.
Not all BMW coupé's were CSL's; here the 3-litre CS of Italians Pugliese/Rubes.
Vojtech and Enge had some repairs to do.
Hemmes' Camaro had hit something solid during practice, but the car was fit to race the next day.
Hilger or Jacobs must have met the catch fencing, since there's damage to be repaired.
The Austrian BMW 530.
You may know Eggenberger from their Volvo and Sierra Cosworth entries, but everything started with BMW.
Geisser and Eichmann raced the second Eggenberger BMW. Vanoli was doing something more important, perhaps.
The Italian CS getting it all wrong at Gerlach corner.
The Grano/Joosen car was second in practice, while the Jolly Club car of Finotto/Facetti took pole.
Hans Heyer and his friends were in a good mood this race. This is only practice, but the tail is hanging out already - ahead of a unique Belgian Fiat 131 racing. The neat group 2 Kadett of Kälberer/Ridder. More than 7 seconds slower in practice than the Zakspeed Escort, mind you.
From the roof of the pit complex: Jolly Club BMW...
... Zakspeed Escort...
Pit action for number 1... Kelleners and Herbert Müller drove this beautiful Eggenberger BMW.
You may recognize Pierre Diedonné in this pic.
Lap 1: apart from the usual suspects, the Audi of Nowak/Bergmeister had a good start (hidden behind the Zakspeed Escorts) while on the inside the Postert Toyota is well up the order too.
A few moments after the start, this is the midfield. In front the King/ da Costa/ McPherson Escort RS, followed by the Moritz/ van Gelderen Camaro, the Frankenhout/ Frankenhout/ Vermeulen Opel Monza, the Lloyd/Stocker Golf and the class-winning Capri of Cleutjens/ Lubin/ Vermeersch. The Group 1B Kadett of Benard/Post - they would finish 12th overall, 4th in class.
The only fight during the opening race was a fine one between the Luigi CSL and the Zakspeed Escort. Lap after lap they kept passing each other.
This looks like quite a fight too, but in fact the Zakspeed Escort was lapping its British equivalent. Both cars had a considarable amount of oversteer... In front on the left picture is the RCV BMW 530, a regular class winner - but not here.
It weren't only the Escorts which went sideways; the BMW of Grohs and Hegels did it too. On the right, they are followed by the Postert Toyota.
Another snapshot of Grano/Joosen. Loek Vermeulen and Henny Hemmes finished 11th overall and third in class.
Ringshausen and Müller Sr finished 15th overall and second in class with their Group 1B Capri. Another shot of Kälberer and Ridder.
Slotemaker's 25th (or 26th!) season was still underway, and for this race he drove a Skoda together with Zwaanenburg. They won the class and finished 9th overall, a fine achievement. The Jägermeister BMW of Kelleners and Herbert Müller finished third overall and won the class.
Heyer/Nussbaumer were disqualified for receiving outside assistance. Haag/Geiger finished 14th and fifth in class with this spoilerless Ascona.
Nowak/Bergmeister retired with the Audi. The Akai Golf of Lloyd and Stocker retired as well.
Tenth overall and second in class: Michl/Samohyl. Vojtech and Enge retired this Skoda, the "Porsche of the East".
Facetti and Finotto, the winners. In the middle Herbert Müller, on the right Helmut Kelleners.

Race result

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