ADAC Trophy Zandvoort 1979

Practice shots: Grohs in the HAT-320...
Nussbaumer piloted Ertl's spare car. A more down-to-earth car was this Kadett for Bungard.
Höttinger in the Turbo 320
Bürger in the beautiful atmo-320 Krebs serviced in the pits; in the background a good old 2002, #40.
The Pirelli-shod turbo Escort of Ketterer. Not listed in any result, but it was there allright: the Esprit Lotus of Jenvey, a non-starter.
Braun in the other atmo GS 320. Brandenburger with the lovely Lepitre BMW.
The grid: Ertl on row 2... ... Heyer on pole, close Grohs on P4.
Bürger qualified fifth, fastest atmo car. Brandenburger qualified 9th, next is Braun.
Decisive: Höttingers spin. Only 14 laps, then Grohs had to retire.
It was over for the HAT BMW: for now - and forever. Winkelhock won the race.
The start of division 1: Stommelen and Ludwig in the lead, but soon Ludwig will be at the front. They are followed by the Gelo team, at the rear the Dutch Camaro of Moritz.

Race result

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