Voorjaarsraces Zandvoort 1979

Ruitenbeek would win next days' race.
Ronald Bon and his boxy Simca Rallye 3. I'd say the Simca had lost much of its original appeal - but none of its speed, of course.
Kluvers and his Golf GTI trained to second spot on the grid.
Pole went to versteegh, but not....
... without troubles.
d'Hondt would finish fourth in the race.
Harvey and the "Chrysler" finished third. Versteegh and Kluvers on the grid - Kluvers would win the race.
Cees Siewertsen made a welcome return to racing; one of the most talented touring car drivers now raced a Camaro; but he had a difficult season. He got pole, but retired with a broken clutch.
The over-1600 cc class: Visscher and his Dolomite, probably non-starters.
Good to see two Capris on the circuit; left is the probably Graham prepared car of Koks; on the right Cleutjens' car, which looks more like a Spice one. Koks would retire, Cleutjens finished fifth in class.
Moritz was present this season again with his Camaro. He would be the winner of Sunday's race. The grid: Siewertsen on pole, Moritz next.
Slotemaker had a demon start (way ahead of Cleutjens and Moritz here) but after two laps his brakes failed; he forced the car to spin, but rolled amidst the catch fencing...
... the car finished on top of the guardrail, on its feet...
... Slotemaker got out, unharmed...
... but his car was damaged, although it was still moving. What a way to start his last season.
From another angle: the spectacular incident.
It was lucky that Slotemaker escaped this huge crash.
The last season of Group 5; no new cars, here the Datsuns of "Kamikaas" and Antonides. Van Splunteren in him Imp - hardly recognizable.
Van der Beek still going for it in his unique Mazda coupé. "Davit" in his Group 5 De Tomaso. It looked allright but was slow.
The only serious candidate for overall victory: the 1977 K2 Porsche of Bourgoignie, who won the Saturday race with ease. A pity van Oorschot had quit. Delcourt in his neat BMW, who finished third in the race, the last season for this car...
... like its twin sister, Baert's CSL - but this one retired.

Race result

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